SH/FT—An Experience in Fashion Design

Hair Tie

Hair Tie


We worked on the naming, branding, print collateral, social media campaign, event design and installation for The Right Brain Initiative's first ever fundraiser. The Right Brain is a division of RACC, they help to bring art into elementary school classrooms by introducing the arts in creative ways when teaching academic subjects. 

The task was to create a brand to help promote and get participants for their unique fashion show—creating garments from recycled material. It was important for us to not use the words junk or trash in our concept. Instead we focused on the materials and how designers could experiment to create their pieces. 

The campaign relied heavily on photography to get the message across. The look needed to be playful and colorful, like the personality of Right Brain itself. The logo mark and the imagery played with the idea of shifting perspectives and also gave nod to the fashion industry.


We worked with local photographer Nicolle Clemetson to shoot all of the images. First large cut-outs were created from poster sized boards and then covered with brightly colored paper. To finalize each piece, fun objects were placed under the cutouts and then photographed.


To keep the cost down and to remain conscious of sustainability, a runway backdrop was created using colorful paper plates. The cutouts from the campaign were re-used as party decorations. The event was a huge success for Right Brain raising over $25,000 for arts education. It was a pleasure to work on such a great project, and for a good cause!



New Years Blessing


To celebrate the New Year, I created a small token of gratitude for my clients and the people whom I’ve collaborated with. With the added anxiety and uncertainty after the election, these gifts of Peace & Prosperity were gentle reminders to Breathe in the New Year.

25+ packages were created in house that contained two bottles of blended essential oils—one for Peace, and the other for Prosperity. The pattern design was inspired by natural elements and the balancing act found in nature. The blend Peace contained a mellow mixture of Lavender, Sandalwood, Chamomile, Lemon, and Neroli scents to tame tensions. While Prosperity lit a fire with a blend of Rosemary, Sage, Texas Cedarwood, and Grapeseed oils.

Check out the process video taken while making the boxes.

The Pioneer Woman Mercantile

I've had the pleasure to work with Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman for over 10 years. We’ve never met in person until two days before the grand opening of her general store— The Pioneer Woman Mercantile. When she asked me back in March of this year if I would create the brand, I was excited to make it happen.

Working on a project of this magnitude requires a lot of planning! My vendor list spanned across the world, and I managed it from my desk in Portland. Ree, is a great client who appreciates attention to detail and knows that it's the little things that make a brand shine. She not only gave me creative freedom to explore, but also encouraged me to push the vision. 

Working with someone for that long builds trust and friendship. Even though we never met until recently it's clear that we were meant too. If you haven't seen her tv show, you should at least check out her books for some good comfort food recipes. I recommend everything!

Check out The Pioneer Woman Case Study to find out more about the project.