A Magical Unicorn, Piñata, & Pinewood Derby Car


We had a lot of fun making this years entry to the Stumptown 40 Pinewood Derby Race, representing WeMake this year. Our pint sized unicorn was the life of the party and oh so close to winning the most creative, but couldn't quite compete with our friends over at Scout Books who carved a raccoon out of wood! We had a lot of fun anyway and boy was Pierre fast!

Check out the nice write-up by the Oregonian-

Perez Emerson tipped back her dainty unicorn on wheels (think of a hand-sized Trojan Horse, only with gold glitter and colorful tissue paper fluttering about) and out of the tail-end of the thing came a cascade of rainbow-colored candy.

Laughter ensued at the absurdity. You wouldn’t know the joke was an old one by now, judging by the enthusiasm with which Perez Emerson re-filled Pierre the unicorn with more candy.