website design

Squarespace Is Easy, When You Know What You're Doing.

Squarespace is the new Wordpress? For us, it's the preferred platform when our clients want a simple, clean, and easy content management system that costs a fraction of the price of coding from scratch. However, coding still needs to be done! But most importantly functionality, site structure, branding, and clear communication needs to be at the forefront.  From there, beautiful graphics, photography, font selection, and color fall into place. People are often mislead by the possibilities of using templates to design something fresh for their brand. All the fancy templates mean nothing if you don't know how to thoughtfully unveil the content, showcase the work, or set a tone for what you're trying to communicate.

We know Squarespace. More importantly, we know how to build a brands personality and take that personality into a website that is thoughtfully designed, technically awesome, and genuinely unique to you. 

A few of the new sites we've designed using Squarespace.

Not a fan of Squarespace? We have that covered too. We collaborate with professional developers to build custom sites in many platforms.