Make & Mary™

is Highly inspired

Make & Mary™ is a cannabis lifestyle brand with unique offerings.  Part experiences and part product, their mission is to nourish the creative soul inspired by plant medicine. Their products use cannabis aromatherapy and hemp for health and beauty, and their creative experiences focus on the process of making and self-care. 

When developing the brand, our goal was to look at the relationship of cannabis and creativity. We wanted to represent the brand by looking at the intersection of health, beauty, and making. Our goal was to create a look that was balanced, inviting and approachable to everyone—whether they consume or not. 


Naming, Tagline, Logo, Brand Identity, Website Design, Packaging

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Make & Mary™ has two unique product offerings using cannabis aromatherapy and CBD(hemp), both which are non-psychoactive and available to everyone, online and in select stores.

A series of abstract paintings were created in house to honor the creative side of the brand. Muted blues, grays, and purples with simple typography give the brand a fresh, sophisticate and moody look.

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Glowing Aura Cannabis Candle

Glowing Aura Cannabis Candle

A new kind of making

Make & Mary™ began in 2016 as a way to connect creativity and cannabis. When consumption became legal in Oregon, owner Yvonne Perez Emerson (also the owner of The Study) took a rebellious path and conceived the idea of a new kind of making. Workshops, yoga classes and other events invite the community in to learn more about the growing industry while creating by hand and with other makers. Classes range from abstract art, macramé, woodburning, to tincture formulating, indigo dying and a few tarot readings thrown in for fun. 

Make & Mary™ Tinctures and Marbling

Make & Mary™ Tinctures and Marbling