An Experience In Fashion Design

For its inaugural fundraising event, The Right Brain Initiative came to The Study to create a brand for their unique fashion show—garments made from recycled material. Our goal was to heighten awareness for their program, sell tickets, get sponsors, and entice designers/makers to participate in creating the garments. 

The logo mark and the imagery played with the idea of shifting perspectives and also gave nod to the fashion industry.

Services Provided

  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Event Graphics
  • Event Installations
  • Art Direction & Consultation
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Copy Writing


The Right Brain is a division of RACC, they help to bring art into elementary school classrooms by introducing the arts in creative ways when teaching academic subjects. 



Naming, Logo Design, Invitation Design, Sponsorship Deck, Social Media Campaign, Event Graphics


The campaign relied heavily on photography to get the message across. The look needed to be playful and colorful, like the personality of Right Brain itself.

We worked with local photographer Nicolle Clemetson to shoot all of the images.

Social Media Campaign—12 images were created and used in print collateral (Invitation, Posters, and Table Tops) and the Social Media Campaign.

Click on the images below to read each weeks call to action.



To keep the cost down and to remain conscious of sustainability, a runway backdrop was created using colorful paper plates. The cutouts from the campaign were re-used as party decorations. The event was a huge success for Right Brain raising over $25,000 for arts education. It was a pleasure to work on such a great project, and for a good cause!



Large cut-outs were created from poster sized boards and then covered with brightly colored paper. To finalize each piece, fun objects were placed under the cutouts and then photographed.